Michał Woźniczak

web developer, software engineer, code craftsman

Hard skills

Key languages: Python, JavaScript/ECMAScript, Groovy

Key areas: Tooling, web applications, DevOps and pipeline engineering, cloud (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud)

Soft skills

Spoken languages: Polish (native), English (proficient), French and German (intermediate)

Education: Master's degree in Social Psychology


Senior Software Engineer


  • Custom tooling for DevOps and build processes across multiple cloud vendors (Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Cloud Platform), integrating tools such as Ansible, Docker, and others,
  • Development of The Pipeline, Jenkins library and pipeline standarization powering CI/CD for internal projects,
  • UI developmend and UX work related to platforms integrating CI/CD-related functionality.

Cloud Software Engineer


  • DevOps and build process tooling + enhancements,
  • Developmend of standardized pipeline processes and practices,
  • Serverless scripting development and enhancements,
  • API integrations, parsing, and documentation generation.

Software Engineer


  • Tooling and parsers for accelerating work with Cisco routers, configuration, and hardware,
  • Frontend and backend work on Dyamon, flagship monitoring platform, including extensive refactoring effort on its codebase
  • Conception and development of Tapedeck, a multiplatform, agentless deployment automation tool,
  • Development and UI/UX design work on multiple dashboard platforms, visualizing the work of Atos' monitoring tools.
  • Keynote speaker for the ATS Tower during Atos Open Days.

Contract work

BeeLaud Sp. z o.o.


  • Co-development of a B2B Enterprise platform for GSM MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) services delivery and reselling.
  • Development and layout design implementation for the web frontend.
  • User account privilege management for base users, resellers, representatives and administrators.

Asseco Systems S.A.


  • Participation in development of IT services-related content. Design and implementation of a fully-featured mock-up page for presentation of said content as well as of proposed graphical layout.

UseLab / Technology Partners


  • Implementation of CMS and visual layout for technologypartners.pl site.
  • Template preparation and adjustments.



  • Enhancement of existing CMS platform (based on TypoLight).
  • Code refactoring.
  • Development of a proximity and geolocation plugin, based on postal code.

Lemon IT s.c


  • Implementation of a social dating platform: user management, messaging capability, gallery management and uploads.
  • Database administration and enhancements.

Freelance work

Przemysław Durczak


  • Website and portfolio design and implementation.
  • Conceived and implemented tooling and workflow for updating the portfolio without the need for administrative back-end.

Various (incl. Agora S.A.)


  • Development of survey and poll systems.

(private third party)


  • Design and preliminary implementation of an e-commerce platform for ordering paintings.
  • Facility for selectable sizes and frame types, with the price automatically adjusted accordingly.
  • Client administration, order management etc.

Ipson Sp. z o.o.


  • Website, order form, database back-end for price lists.

Research and educational projects

Master’s Thesis


  • Development and implementation of conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI chatbot) trained using social interaction, and social media.
  • Preparation and execution of an Internet-based social experiment.
  • Data gathering and statistical analysis.
  • Reporting and presentation of results.



  • Programming and tooling development.
  • Aid in database migration (stored procedures, MySQL->Postgres)
  • Exposure to eyetracker research and methodologies.
  • Preparation and assistance in execution of user experience experiments.
  • Aid in overall usability testing.
  • Aid in data analysis and report creation.
  • Development of additional diagramming.